CBO Weekly Roundup

Demian Brady
July 17, 2017


Brian Blase of the Mercatus Center: “First, CBO significantly overestimated the degree to which the individual mandate would induce relatively healthy people with middle class income to buy coverage in the exchanges. Second, CBO failed to anticipate that states would respond to the federal government’s elevated reimbursement rate for the Medicaid expansion by maximizing enrollment and paying insurance companies extremely high payment rates for this population. CBO has not yet explained if or how it has corrected its models for these past mistakes, but it should do so if it wants to improve confidence in its estimates of repeal and replace legislation.” (Forbes)


CBO Sees Slower Economic Growth than White House, Finds Trump Budget Would Reduce Deficit but Not Lead to Balance

Business Insider

The White House Made a Video Attacking the Budget Office that Gave Devastating Reviews to the GOP Healthcare Bills

Investor's Business Daily

Yes, Virginia, You Can Cut Taxes And Deficits At The Same Time — Just Ask The CBO


White House, Senate Await CBO Budget Score, Health Bill

Congressional Data Coalition

CBO's Budget in the FY 2018 House Legislative Branch Appropriation Boosted to $48.5M

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