CBO Weekly Roundup

CBO Weekly Roundup
Demian Brady
July 21, 2017


Former National Economic Council Director Larry Lindsey on CBO: "They have been consistently wrong for the last 15 years in all of their health care estimates. How is it that they can come up with the same number of uninsured when you repeal the law as when do you something like the Senate did which has billions of dollars in subsidies? It just doesn't make sense. It is not sensible numbers, period."  

Daily Signal 

CBO Analysis of Trump Budget Shows Need for Entitlement Reform, Pro-Growth Tax Policies  


H.R. 1628, Obamacare Repeal Reconciliation Act of 2017  


OMB Director Mulvaney Criticizes CBO: 'It’s almost like it’s not a fair analysis"  

Real Clear Politics  

Larry Lindsey Assails CBO's "Lousy Job" Estimating Health Care  

The Week 

Is Having CBO as the Singular Referee for Congressional Legislation a Good Idea?  

NTU Foundation 

In Rare Case, CBO Uses Private Modeling To Forecast $1.4 Billion Flood Insurance Shortfall

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