CBO Weekly Roundup

ATC Reform & Ending CRS Subsidy
August 18, 2017

Quotable: CBO on the uncertainty in its CRS estimate:

“Such estimates are inherently imprecise because the ways in which federal agencies, states, insurers, employers, individuals, doctors, hospitals, and other affected parties would respond to the changes made by this policy are all difficult to predict.”

NTU Foundation: New CBO Direct Spending and Revenue Estimate Highlights ATC Reform’s Tax Cuts

Galen Institute: The CBO Bludgeon http://galen.org/the-cbo-bludgeon/

Tax Analysts: JCT Explains Its Revenue Estimates but Avoids Politics, Staff Say

NTU Foundation: CBO’s Unexpected Take On Repealing Cost-Sharing Reduction Payments

Juniper Research Group: CBO Report Reveals Bogus Nature of Obamacare "Sabotage" Charges

The American Spectator: The CBO's Fuzzy Math

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